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SSL Certificate Service Agreement


If you accept this Agreement without reading it in its entirety you are still bound by this agreement in its entirety.



1. Agreement - These terms of service ("Terms") apply to you the subscriber (hereinafter referred to as "You" or the "Subscriber", and includes, without limitation, your agents, employers and employees), and govern Your application and subscription to the Comodo SSL Certificate services (the "Services") provided by Tropical Web Shop Inc. ("Tropical Web Shop") and Comodo CA Limited ("Comodo"). Tropical Web Shop is an authorized reseller of Comodo's digital certificate services.



In addition to these Terms, additional Comodo terms apply to Your application and subscription to the Services (the "Comodo Terms"). The Comodo Terms can be accessed and reviewed at . As well, these Terms are a supplement to Tropical Web Shops' standard terms of services for our services, which also apply to the provision of these Services. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Tropical Web Shops' standard terms of services, the former will apply.



Tropical Web Shops' privacy policy is incorporated herein by reference and forms an integral part of these Terms. You can read our privacy policy at



2. Definitions:



"Applicant" means an entity applying for a Certificate
"Subscriber" means an entity that has been issued a certificate
"Relying Party" is an entity that relies upon the information contained within the Certificate
"Certification Authority" or "CA" means an entity authorized to issue, suspend, or revoke Certificates. For purposes of these Terms, CA shall mean Comodo. "Certificate Application" means a request to a CA for the issuance of a Certificate.



3. Description of the Certificate - The Certificate for which You have applied is a SSL Certificate, which is formatted data that cryptographically binds an indemnified subscriber with a public key. A digital certificate allows an entity taking part in an electronic transaction to provide its identity to other participants in such transaction. Digital certificates are used in commercial environments as a digital equivalent of an identification card.



4. Processing the Certificate Application - Tropical Web Shop will process Your Certificate Application and provide it to Comodo. Upon receipt of the necessary payment and upon Comodo's completion of authentication procedures required for the Certificate You have selected, Comodo will process your Certificate Application. If your Certificate Application is approved, Comodo will issue You, via Tropical Web Shop, a Certificate for Your use in accordance with these Terms. After You pick up or otherwise install Your Certificate, You must review the information in it and promptly notify Tropical Web Shop of any errors. Upon receipt of such notice, Comodo may revoke Your Certificate and issue You a corrected Certificate.



5. Use Restrictions - You are prohibited from using your Certificate (i) for or on behalf of any other organization; (ii) to perform private or public key operations in connection with any domain and/or organization name other than the one you submitted on your Certificate Application.



6. Revocation - If You discover or have reason to believe there has been a compromise of Your private key, or the information within your Certificate is incorrect or has changed, or if Your organization name and/or domain name registration has changed, You must immediately notify Tropical Web Shop. Tropical Web Shop and Comodo retain the right to revoke your Certificate at any time without notice if (i) Tropical Web Shop or Comodo discovers that the information within your Certificate is no longer valid; (ii) You fail to perform your obligations pursuant to these Terms; or (iii) in Comodo's sole discretion.



7. Obligations Upon Revocation or Expiration - Upon expiration or notice of revocation of your Certificate, You shall permanently remove Your Certificate from all devices on which it is installed and shall not use it for any purpose thereafter. If You have installed a Comodo Trust Logo in conjunction with the revoked Certification, then you shall remove such seal from your Web site.



8. Term of Service - These Terms shall remain in effect until Your Certificate has expired or is earlier revoked.



9. Representations and Warranties - You represent and warrant to Tropical Web Shop, Comodo, and Relying Parties that (i) all information material to the issuance of a Certificate You provide to Comodo in your Certificate Application is accurate; (ii) You will inform Tropical Web Shop or Comodo if the representations you made to Comodo in your Certificate Application changed or are no longer valid; (iii) the Certificate information You provided (including your e-mail address) does not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party; (iv) the Certificate information You provided (including your e-mail address) has not been and will not be used for any unlawful purpose; (v) You have been (since the time of its creation) and will remain the only person possessing Your private key, or any challenge phrase, PIN, software, or hardware mechanism protecting the private key, and no unauthorized person has had or will have access to such materials or information; (vi) You will use your Certificate exclusively for authorized and legal purposes consistent with these Terms; (vii) You will use your Certificate as an end user and not as a Certification Authority to issue Certificates, certification revocation lists, or otherwise; (viii) each digital signature created using Your private key is the Subscriber's digital signature, and the Certificate has been accepted and is operational (not expired or revoked) at the time the digital signature is created; and (ix) You manifest assent to these Terms as a condition of obtaining a Certificate.



10. Fees and Payment Terms - As consideration for the Certificate you have purchased, You shall pay Tropical Web Shop the applicable service fees set forth on our Web site at the time You sign up for Your initiation of the Services. Tropical Web Shop will debit Your credit card or Your PayPal account the applicable fees on the day You sign up for the Services You initiate.



11. Refund Policy - If You are not completely satisfied with the Certificate issued to You for any reason, You must request, within twenty four 24 hours of Certificate issuance, that Tropical Web Shop revoke the Certificate and provide You with a refund.



January 2010